Singles League

The league is an ideal way for members to meet, play regular games that are both fun and competitive.  At the moment there are 28 players spread over 7 divisions.  Each division normally has 4 or 5 players who will play each other once during the course of a 2 month playing period.  Players are then promoted or relegated depending on results. So whatever your level of tennis you can be sure of good, evenly matched games.

How to Enter

  1. Send an email to along with your contact phone no.
  2. If you apply in the first few weeks of a playing period, you will be placed in the league immediately, otherwise you must wait for the next one to start.  Divisions may be re-arranged in this period to accommodate new players.
  3. Inquiries to Steve Haynes Tel -  01437 768083


Arranging matches

You will receive an email showing the divisions, players, their contact info. and the end date of the current playing period. Play each other once during the playing period with winners sending in the result by email.  You are responsible for arranging matches against players in your division.  This is a friendly competition.  No walk-over may be claimed due to unavailability of an opponent or retirement due to injury.


Matches are best of 3 sets with a deciding set being a tie break to 10 (winner by 2 clear points if tied at 9-9).  If however both players agree, a 3rd set can be played as normal.
Points are awarded as follows ; I point for playing, I point for each set won (not including 3rd set ), 1 point for a win and 1 bonus point for completing and sending in the result of 1 match before the end of the first month’s play.  So a victory in straight sets will be scored 4 points to 1.  A victory in 3 sets will be scored 3 – 2.

Promotion and relegation

At the end of the playing period a player’s total points decide their final position. The top 2 placed will go up to the next division with the bottom 2 going down but this may not apply where the divisions are smaller, players drop out or others enter.  If a player’s results show they are in far too low a division, they may go up by more than one division.
If 2 or more players tie on points, then to decide who finishes higher, apply the following rules in order :

  1. The result of the match (if only two player’s are tied)
  2. The player with the most match wins
  3. The player with the most games
  4. The player with the least games conceded

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